Phoenix Vision


Phoenix Vision came to us to design their branding, graphic and printed materials. They asked us to create a full logo containing the full name as well as a logo they could use for social media platforms. Phoenix Vision also wanted a graphic designed that would showcase exactly what they did and that they could use on advertisements etc. 

Once we had designed the logo and graphic, Phoenix Vision asked us if we could create an A5 one sided flyer, that would be eyecatching and informative, so that is what we did.

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Phoenix Vision

Logo Design



Logo DesignsLogo Designs

Shorter Logo Design

Phoenix Vision wanted both a full logo as well as a logo they could use for social media etc.

Shorter Logo Designs


Phoenix Vision wanted a graphic that they could use for advertising purposes, that would showcase exactly what they did in just one image. 


Flyer Design

Phoenix Vision got in touch with us to create their flyer, they wanted the graphic that we designed for them to be used within the flyer. A flyer should be eyecatching, informative and have a focal point to pull viewers into looking more closely, that is exactly what we did for Phoenix Vision. 


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