Our Animal World


Our Animal World is a family run business that was set up in 2021. They take animals around to schools, children's parties, events and care homes for everyone to enjoy. They have a wide range of animals; budgies, cockatiels, corn snakes, Pac man frog, leopard gecko, crested gecko, Herman tortoise, Rankin dragon, stick insects, praying mantis, millipede, hissing cockroaches, giant African land snails, chickens, guinea pigs, rabbits, Syrian hamster and an African pygmy hedgehog! The brand needed to be fun looking, bright and eye-catching as it does revolve around children the most.

They already had a logo and a WIX website, however, they weren't particularly happy with them, they wanted the ability to expand on the website and the flexibility that a bespoke website offers, so they came to us to redesign their brand. As well as a logo and website they needed; certificates, van graphics, stickers, business cards, letterheads and party invites. 

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