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Spi-des-ign was chosen by Limehouse Company to create the brand for a new Luxury Lifestyle online business. During the design process we held various meetings to brainstorm their ideas, use of colour and fonts used within the brand. From creating the brand we were then asked to create business cards, leaflets and thank you/review cards that are placed in every order sent to say thank you and also prompt customers to leave a review.

Their bespoke e-commerce website was designed to showcase their products in the form of large lifestyle shots. Included with the brief was to have a 'Made to Order' section where by the customer can choose a variety of options for selected products, including various colours and fabrics, feet options, sizes and more unique to each product. To better show the swatch examples, when these are 'hovered' the customer would see a large visual of their chosen swatch. With each of these options the price is altered to reflect the increase of cost. A bespoke payment gateway was added to take payments safely and securely. The website included a CMS (Content Management System) so the client could manage and easily update their products regularly. Full CMS training was given to the client so they can confidently edit their website going forward.

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