News | 28 October 2021

History of the Spi-des-ign Brand/Logo

As it is Spooky Season this is the perfect time to tell you the story behind Sp-des-ign Brand/Logo

Let's start from the very beginning of Spi-des-ign...

Way back in 2006, Rich started doing freelance work in the evenings and weekends outside of his full-time job in Cambridge. At the time, Kelly and Rich were living in Wicken in the countryside, next to a big crop field. What happens in crop fields once a year? Harvesting. During the harvesting season, it was so warm, they decided to leave the windows open. Oh, what a BIG MISTAKE that was!!!

All of the crop spiders decided that Rich and Kelly's house was the one for them. So they all descended on the house whilst they were both at work. When they returned in the evening and settled themselves down after a long day, they saw these BIG shadows on the back of the curtains, then one moved!!!

It was at that point they realised they were spiders. Huge harvest spiders!!!

A fun fact about Rich, he is petrified of spiders!

Anyway, back to the story... Poor old Kelly was left to deal with all the spiders that took up residence in their house. For the next year whilst they lived in the house, they did not open the windows ever again. 

So why Spi-des-ign?

Rich thought it was best to give his freelancing business a proper brand rather than just a name. After brainstorming lots of different ideas for web design, he came up with the idea of using his fear of spiders as a play on words with spider (web) and design, turning it into Spi-des-ign. Then to use a spider as part of the logo to go with the name as part of the whole brand. 

The logo has evolved over the years to the current design you see today, re-developed back in 2013. The red has always been the same, but the colour has changed from black to blue. 

Have you seen what our old logo used to look like before this one?

 Created in 2005/2006


Re-developed in 2013

Just look at that upgrade!!


So that's the story behind our brand/logo, what is yours? we would love to know! 

Are you looking to rebrand/upgrade your business brand/logo? Have you read our blog post on when and why you should rebrand your business? Rebranding is very important, it makes sure your business stays up to date within the latest design trends whilst also keeping your story/history. 


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