News | 12 June 2022

Questions and Answers With the Team - Sharon

Q&A with the Spi-des-ign team.

Sharon works part-time as a Business Administrator. Her job covers a wide range of Admin based tasks across the business from accounts, quality control, sales and marketing.

Find out some more about Sharon below...

A few facts about you...

  1. I'm originally from Cheshire but relocated to Suffolk with my husband's job 9 years ago.
  2. Busy Mum of two (Alex & Grace), I also have a furry baby "Jasper", our Springer Spaniel! 
  3. Love's people watching, Cadbury's chocolate and gin-based cocktails but only at the weekend!

When did you start your job here at Spi-des-ign?

I started working here in March 2018.

What is something you enjoy about working at Spi-des-ign?

Team 'Banter' - we have a lot of that here. It's nice to have a good laugh every now and again.

What music do you listen to?

My favourite artist of the moment has to be Sam Fender, much to Rich's disgust. But I listen to all genres, it really just depends on my mood. 

Do you have any hobbies?

I love fitness, I go to fitness classes 3 times a week. 

What's your guilty pleasure?

I LOVE an Afternoon Tea with the girls, mmmm delicious!



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