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Get to know your printing paper types

Printing paper types for stationery

When it comes to printing business stationery, there are many different types of paper and finish.

I am here to tell you what the different types of paper are, what they are good for and what finishing options you have.

Let's start with the different paper types.

Silk Coated

This stock is usually the default choice for a professional print. With a slight sheen it makes colours vibrant without having a full gloss finish, this makes it still easy to read.


This stock has no kind of shine, these are the easiest to write on and are a popular choice in business stationery items. There is also a recycled uncoated stock, which is made completely of recycled materials.

Gloss Coated

If you want a real shine, chose the gloss coated stock. This stock makes colours and photos vibrant, without having to spend on gloss lamination.

Conqueror Wove

Usually white and cream, these are great to use for letterheads. These stocks can make any print look more professional without breaking the bank.


This is used as an alternative to white and cream stocks. Kraft stands out. Remember that this is a brown stock when it comes to creating artwork, bright contrasting colours will work however black is best.

Those were the main paper types, great for business stationery.

Here are some other paper types that are less popular in the business stationery world, but are still great for other things.

Mohawk Felt Cream

A textured stock that has a slight cream tone. This paper type will make any design feel more sophisticated. It's a popular choice for certificates and professional invites.

Woodstock Betulla Pulp

This stock is one where you can see the small fibres and grains of wood pulp. This is perfect for creating a natural look if your business has eco-friendly values.

Tintoretto by Fedrigoni

A slightly textured and felt-marked on both sides. Tintoretto is a premium stock choice. Felt-marked means soft to the touch, great to add a sense of ultimate luxury. This paper type is great for wedding stationery.

Ice Gold

The pearlescent paper makes for a very distinctive print. This is a white stock that gives way to a golden undertone in real light. This is perfect for adding a hint of winter magic to your seasonal work.


This delectable laid paper gives a luxurious, old-world look that loves retro artwork. Soft to touch, with a fine line texture impressed on both sides.

Paper Finishing Options

Matt Lamination

For a subtle but highly sophisticated finish, Matt Lamination gives your print a smooth feel whilst reducing glare. Using this printed finish you have the option for spot UV embellishments.

Gloss Lamination

This adds a shiny coating to your printed products. Colours and images are made brighter, if you have used a gradient it exaggerates it. This finish is GREAT for dynamic photography.

Soft-Touch Lamination

(Also called Velvet Lamination) This does exactly what it says, it makes your print soft to the touch. This type of finish is very stylish and a very delicate print finish.

Spot UV

Spot UV is used to highlight specific elements of your printed product. Use this to highlight your logo or title, it does it by adding a high-gloss coating to those areas. This finishing option will make your printed product memorable.


If you would like more information on printing, paper stocks and finishes, get in contact with a member of the team. 


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