News | 1 June 2022


June is the month that we celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee. That is 70 years on the throne! 

Queen Elizabeth's accession to the throne occurred on February 6th 1952, when her father King George VI passed away. It wasn't until June 2nd 1953 that she was coronated.
The Queen is remarkable, 96 years of age and still in charge of the country. She is an inspiration to us all, so let's celebrate how wonderful she is!

How are you spending your Jubilee Bank Holiday?

Just a reminder that we will be closed over from Thursday 2nd June until 9 am Monday 6th June.

Street Parties

Street parties have been going on for many years, mainly to celebrate huge events like a Jubilee. 
They first started coming about in 1919, right after World War I, mainly to help children get over the hardship they had to live with whilst the war was on. In 1919 'Peace Teas' were set up and encouraged all around the UK.

Since then street parties have developed, as residents continued to organise them on large national days of celebrations. They have evolved over the years, continuing with earlier traditions of street dressing, tea parties, parades and lots more. This is another reason why you see lots of bunting.

Today street parties are being held at any time for all ages and for the neighbourly fun of it all, they are also used to boost community spirits. 

Is your street having a party? If so we would love to hear what you are up to.

A few events happening in and around the area 

  • 28th May - 5th June - Haughley Village Jubilee Celebrations - Haughley
  • 2nd June - Platinum Jubilee Country Fair - Friars Meadow, Sudbury
  • 2nd June - Jubilee Beer Fest - Cambridge
  • 2nd June - Stowmarket Jubilee Carnival - Combs Ford, Stowmarket
  • 4th June - Queen's Jubilee Street Themed Party - Bury St Edmunds
  • 5th June - The Big Jubilee Picnic - Ridgewell


From all of us here at Spi-des-ign we hope you all have a lovely Bank Holiday - Have fun and stay safe. 


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