News | 24 September 2021

It's just BORING.

It's all about the copy.

Yeah it's great having a fabulous looking website, but is the copy effective? If your copy is boring, not easy to understand or the paragraphs are too long-winded then you will lose visitors.
It is so important that your content does not bore people, you need to make it as clear, interesting and simple as possible so people know straight away what you do. Try and make it unique by adding in real life stories, people love to see and hear about stories they can relate to.

Here are a few pointers to help you write the best copy you can for your website:

  • Corporate Jargon, Corporate Smargon
    Stay away from it! no one likes to hear that. Some phrases are over-used that they actually become meaningless. Look through your copy and pick out phrases along the lines of "cutting edge" and try and make it more personal.
    "It's all about you (it's about you), It's all about you, baby (it's all about)" As the great McFly said it's all about you. Read through your website copy and see where you have used the word 'I' or 'We' and see how many times they have been used. Get rid of them, instead use the words 'You' and 'Your' make the reader feel as though it's all about them and their benefits over yours. Conversational language feels so much more human then sounding like it has been written by a robot.
  • So Fresh
    Keep your website UP-TO-DATE, this doesn't mean updating the copy every week, but every once in a while. Times change and the copy you wrote 15 years ago may have been good then, but is it still relevant today? Fresh content is also great for SEO, Google LOVES it. Updating blogs regularly will be incredible for your SEO, it also appeals to your customers, having crusty, dusty old blog from 2009 will put customers off, where as a recently updated blog post will reassure them that you're still going.
  • You takin' to me?
    Write your copy to appeal to your websites relevant audience. People want to know if you can help them, so by talking to them on a level they're familiar with will provide them unique content that will be so much more interesting. Write your copy as you would a conversation. Don't lecture them. People will listen more if you speak to them on the same level and not look down on them.
  • Don't try and be a smartie pants
    People will switch off if you try being smart by throwing persuasive techniques at them. Being pushy with sales with clever gimmicks worked once upon a time a go, but not now. Tell the truth, be more personal, what would you want to know before choosing and spending money on a Wedding Photographer? Don't over complicate the copy with fancy, unusual wording or clever one-liners. Keep it simple and straight to the point.
  • Simplicity is key
    Speak plainly and directly. No one likes waffle, unless it's covered in chocolate. SIMPLE IS GOOD. Having simple copy, shows your ideas clearly without meandering around.
    Write your piece as much as you like, then go through it and decide whether it is important or it's just you trying to 'bulk it out'.
    This is the introduction to your text, this is the most important piece of text. If you do not catch someones attention with the headline then they will not carry on reading. A useful tip when writing headlines is to use the 4 U's • Useful • Urgent • Unique • Ultra-Specific.

Remember if your copy is boring, hard to understand or the paragraphs are too long-winded then you will lose visitors!


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