News | 8 July 2021

July Newsletter - Footballs coming home!


Last night on the 7th July 2021 history was made when England beat Denmark 2-1 in the semi-finals of the Euros 2020. England will take on Italy in the final on Sunday 11th July at 8pm.

Who will win?

55 years ago England won the World Cup, since then we have only managed to TWICE to get out of the group stages at the World Cup and have NEVER reached the finals at a European Championship. The last time we made the Euros semi-finals was back in 96, where we played Europe's top team of that year... Germany. Although playing at Wembley, England were classed as the away team. 90 mins of football were played but ended with a draw, extra time was next again still a draw, then penalties came...both sides scored their first 5 pens, then it was Gareth Southgate turn...WELL... I think we know the rest, his shot was saved! That's right the now England manager shot was saved, meaning Germany went into the final after a 6-5 win on penalties.

Anyway, that's enough football talk for today...

Another date that we can look forward to is the 19th of July which is the new 21st June. Hopefully, this will be when the world will start to look a little bit more normal. There are now 33.9M people in the UK that are fully vaccinated, that is just over half the population, which is incredible!

What is the colour and font of the month? (July)

Coral - #FF7F50
The pinky-orange colour gets its name from the marine life that covers the bottom of the sea. Coral get's its colour from the tiny algae that live in the tissues of the marine invertebrate. The colour is widely used during the summer as it is bright, exciting and brings a lot of happiness.

Open Sans
Open Sans is based around the Droid Sans typeface which was designed for Android devices. This is a popular typeface for website designs as it easy to read and it looks good.

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Summer has officially begun!

This time of year is great for walks and watching the sunset. This photo was taken during a walk around the Water Meadows in Sudbury. The brightly coloured sky inspired the colour of the month for July. This is the month that restrictions are supposed to be lifting, will Boris stick to his word this time or will lockdown continue a little longer?

We have had lots of exciting projects that we have been working on this month so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for those. 

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