News | 28 May 2021

Goodbye Spring, Hello Summer

June is the gateway to summer quote

Halfway through the year already! Where has that time gone?

Summer begins this month, so let's hope we get blue skies and sunshine because, after the last month, we need some sun!! June is also the month that our newly refreshed website went live.
We are also in the month (if all goes to plan) when restrictions get lifted and life can hopefully go back to some kind of normality. Have you thought about the first thing you are going to do when restrictions go?

What is the colour and font of the month (June)?

Butter Yellow #F6EB61
The reason why butter is the rich bright colour it is is down to the grass that the cows eat. Grass contains beta-carotene, when the cows eat this pigment is carried into the milk. Once the butter is churned the pigment is then released, creating the beautiful yellow colour.

Playfair Display
The font is based on the writing styles and tools used in the late 18th century. This font is great to use for titles and headings, and with the various weights, it makes a suitable font for small stretches of body copy. 

Did you know we offer Graphic Design and Print Services?

We don't just design and build websites. Here at Spi-des-ign we offer graphic design and print services too, whatever your requirements get in touch and i'm sure we can help. Whether it be stationery design, leaflets, brochures, vehicle livery or exhibition graphics, Spi-des-ign can do it all. Our creative team produce high quality professional graphic design solutions for a wide range of clients, sectors, industries, purposes and audiences. From initial design concepts to sourcing the final product, whether it be for digital or print marketing materials, we can help you. Consistency is key when it comes to your brand. If you want to be recognised by your customers, it is important to maintain a consistent theme across your graphics and print.

Websites that went live in May.

Spi-des-ign – Yes, that's right, Spi-des-ign have had a website refresh! Have a look round, see what you think.

Ridgewell & Boreham – A brand new website design and development for Ridgewell and Boreham, a friendly accountancy buisness, based in Brentwood, Essex.

Elegant Hair & Beauty – A website re-design for Elegant Hair and Beauty a Suffolk based wedding hair and makeup artist.

Ticehurst Yards – A brand new website design and development for Ticehurst Yards Business Centre, a family run business that has been around for over 40 years. It is also where Spi-des-ign is based!

We look forward to seeing what the new month brings us, enjoy the lighter mornings and evenings. Let us know what you have been up to, we would love to hear about it.  


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