News | 23 November 2021

Design Process Stages

Using our friendly, punctual approach, we work with you to develop your ideas from start to finish in line with your budget. As our client, you are involved at every stage of the design.
Here's our breakdown of the design process whether it be for print or web;

• Meet - Firstly we meet with you to learn about your business, design requirements and start to get some rough ideas. Our aim is to bring your business ideas to life and make them a reality.

 • Research & Ideas - By using your initial sketches or by brainstorming, we then gather information about your industry and competitors to ensure that you get the best visual solution possible.

Concepts - We settle on our final draft design concepts. Usually 3; sometimes more; sometimes less. 

Present - We showcase these concepts to you, explaining our rationale behind each and how they could be further developed if required.

• Revise  - From your feedback, we then work on revising the concept so it meets your requirements. Sometimes there's one revision round; sometimes two; rarely more.

Deliver - When we're all good to go; we send the files to you, send them to print and/or prepare them to 'go live.'

Launch - Your project has now successfully been brought to life and made a reality.

Are you looking for design, print or a brand new website? Get in contact with a member of the team to make an appointment today!

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