News | 8 June 2021

6 Biggest Mistakes of DIY Websites

Common DIY website design mistakes

I'm here to tell you the 6 big mistakes that people make when designing and making their own website.

  1. Cramming in too much information - Less is more when it comes to building your website. A website that is too wordy can seem unprofessional. You would think your customers need as much information as possible, but that is not the case. With the average attention span of a website user being 8 seconds or less, you need to catch the visitors attention in under 8 seconds. As soon as they land on your page they want to know who you are what you do and your contact details, if they cannot find at least one of these in the first 8 seconds they will leave your site. Simple and easy is the way forward, people do not want to be reading paragraphs upon paragraphs of writing, keep things short and sweet, use images or bullet points to break up large chunks of text, and keep the line lengths to between 50 and 75 characters, if it is any more or any less the readability will be lowered which will also send people away from your site.
  2. No text, just images  - Pictures make everything look better and in some cases are worth more than words, however, pictures mean nothing to Google, images do not tell Google who are you and what you do. Images are always a good idea however so is text. You can use text to make what you do and who you’re aimed at clear to visitors. For SEO text helps search engines understand the content that is on your website, if you want a good place on Google try incorporating primary keywords in headings and body copy.

  3. Inconsistent design - A website design that is ugly and inconsistent will lose visitors. Websites aren’t all about the content, one of the most important aspects of a website is the visuals. People won’t read the content of the website it unappealing. If you want your website to look professional you need to use good high-quality images and use the same fonts and colour scheme throughout every page. Stick to no more than 3 fonts otherwise, it can look too cluttered, also think about the style of the font, stick to legible ones. Use 1 font for headings, 1 font for subheadings, buttons or both and 1 font for body copy. The same applies to colours, stick to around 3 colours max on your website, unless more is necessary, think about creating a colour palette for your site and stick to those. If you have poor quality images, too many fonts which some are illegible, and clashing colours it can give a bad impression.

  4. Website contains broken links - When using templates or demo sites it is so easy to miss a link when creating buttons. You must check your website through often so you do not miss a broken link. Broken links will also affect your SEO. If there are broken links on your site, your visitors will come off your page and go onto another website, this will make your bounce rate high.

  5. SEO is not considered - Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a very important part of any website. It needs to be considered before a website is even built. SEO is the process of improving the quality and the traffic that goes to your website or a certain page, it does it by optimising the content of your website so the search engines can show it as a top result for searches of a keyword. A thing to help with this is to research keywords, this will help you with your target audience. Chose a keyword and incorporated it as best you can into a few main parts of that page i.e. in the URL or the headings.

  6. Your website takes ages to load - A website that takes ages to load is very frustrating for your visitors, it is also killing your SEO. The main reason why your website is taking ages to load is having loads of images all with large file sizes. The best way to resolve this is to either go through and cut some out, think do you need all of those images? If you do then you can compress the images down using a compressor which will reduce the file size without reducing the quality or you can reduce the sizes on photoshop. There are many websites out there that can compress files down, try and keep your images around 300-500kb before uploading.

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